Estella is a very fine piece of wood carving, a residue of sawdust or wood carved



The energy of the wood is a type of bioenergy using wood biomass consists. Com pot is considered a renewable energy if the bosc d'managed sustainably. Exploited forests for firewood can be of small forest, regenerates for regrowth of cut stumps.




Els pellets de fusta és un tipus de combustible granulat allargat a base de fusta. El pellet es fabrica mitjançant premsat de serradures on la pròpia lignina fa d’aglomerant. No need glue or other substance the same timber. This process gives a shiny appearance as if varnished and more dense.

Olive stone


You distributor olive stone, olive stone, for Catalonia, Balearics, Renewable Pelaez, the stone cleaner and better without impurities Spain, outpacing all regulations established today in European quality standards..

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