dmp biomass is a company that was born as the compilation of eleven years of experience in many areas of the world of biomass: out of the forest sector, getting work experience in the early European, we evolve towards the public sector, municipal management and local, and going to supply all equipment when our universe was something unknown. Within the power generation there was only a small step. First electric, not diminished by our mediocre governors on this side of the Pyrenees and then, heat, as boilers fueled by biomass at our disposal several month: firewood, estella, pellet, briquettes…

All this way, easy, middle of a very hard crisis, has led to the possibility of offering all this accumulated knowledge in these last years. dmp biomass aims to provide a closed loop in which the biomass has no element to tie, any link in the chain loose, where you can find until that we may need to biomass will be a solution, give us our lives or we reduce costs in our profession. Or allowing us to be greener, more polished, more accomplices of Nature, more sustainable, ultimately: fuel, machinery, Pellet mills, moisture meters, forestry machinery, kettles, stoves, etc.

And one requirement, a single requirement: Quality. Because we want the European model, which has prevailed in Scandinavia and Central Europe, which guarantees the customer is a vital requirement to work. Adapted to our reality, So if, being investigated and the last for our agricultural fuels may also be used and our forests, here the, can also be worked efficiently and sustainable. Back to the past with the tools of the future, not detract from our resources, see and take our oil wells with roots that grow for our children, to give them the resources now come from beyond the sea closer to home.
Ask, without fear, if you know solution and we will not know if it will look. From a talk by a school to microgeneration electricity, from fireplaces to generate cold green biomass, you know what humidity from the splinter volumes to determine the software lidar forestry, or find a precision mensuration. Put us to the test and ask, a green future will be the answer.

David Merino Parcet